Sunday, March 30, 2008


Maria Luiza (S.Lopes) and I live now in São Paulo, a short distance from the temple where we are officiators on Tuesdays. She is also Ward Relief Society President, and I am the High Priests' Group Leader. I am also assistant to the Area Presidency for Family History.

I am now Area Translation Manager. We are in charge of all translations into Portuguese, including those of Church broadcast. We have a "tieline" installed in São Paulo, a booth where we get the satellite signal with both picture and sound, we interpret the talks here, and relay them to Salt Lake, from where it is broadcast to wherever Portuguese is spoken, such as Boston,California, China, etc. It is a challenging but wonderful opportunity.

S. Lopes is doing what she likes most: handicrafts and taking care of the grandchildren, when the opportunity comes. Kelly, our oldest, has two daughters and lives in Brasilia. Her husband is a stake president, and a federal judge. Marcelo, 33, lives close to us. He has two boys and a girl(6, 3, 6 months), and he is one of the secretaries for the Area Presidency. His wife's name is Juliana. Fernando, 32, married to Fernanda, still lives in Belo Horizonte. He is a personal trainer, and is getting his Master's degree in Movement Physiology (or something like that). He has a boy and a girl. Rachel (27) is a lawyer, studying to become a judge. She is still single, but will probably get married next year. Rebeca (22) is married and also lives in BH. She is graduating in August as a nurse. So, we have seven grandchildren altogether.

We are planning on a mission in five years or so, when I retire. Our ward is quite unusual. Two of the members of the Area Presidency, Elder Didier and Elder Ellis, are members of the Ward (imagine teaching a class in which you have these great men!). There are so many Americans (35% of the members) that we have simultaneous interpreting in Sacrament Meeting. Marcelo is a Young Men's consultant, and teaches bilingual classes to them. Some of the Americans work for the Church, others for the American Consulate, and others in several companies. São Paulo is amazingly international.


(Picture taken in Salt Lake City at the Conference Center last November)

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