Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I frequently find myself wondering what everyone from the mission is up to. I thought this would be a good way to keep in touch. I'll get the ball rolling. . .
Sarah and I moved to Cleveland, on purpose, so I could start and hopefully finish my Internal Medicine training. We wanted to move away from Salt Lake City to try something different and different we got. My only criterion was to move to a city with a professional baseball team and after last year’s onslaught of Wes' Yankees, I have quickly become a fan of the Indians (although still a Giants fan at heart). We have since had our first child, Sage, who is quite a delight. I could go on and on, but before I do, I'll open the posts up to see if anyone responds. If there is a positive response, we'll keep the blog going, if not, we'll shut it down. Please email me your posts and I’ll add them to the blog; Out, Palfreyman.


the palfreymans said...

"Cleveland: the only city that has a longer championship drought than Philadelphia. It’s good to see that you welcome punishment, my friend. At least the Indians are pretty good. We are excited about having a sub-par National League team here in the DC area, even though my allegiances will forever lie (rather depressingly) with the Phillies."

Annie said...

Hi Eric,

I just received the blog link from Jessica. I'll forward it on to Pres. Lopes, Tara Babbel Haglund, Josh McCleary, and Cori Perkins Morris. I know McCleary keeps in touch with E. Bowen so I'll make sure he forwards it on. I'll also e-mail you a quick bio to post on the blog soon. If you'd like to see our private family blog, just shoot me an e-mail:

Annie Vance-Ballard